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A group of representative parents have been meeting a minimum of 5 times a year for the past 2 years for Parent Voice and have found it a beneficial platform as parents who have a vested interest in their child's schooling and the impact it has on their future.

Parent Voice is an opportunity to have a better understanding of the vision for the school from a teaching perspective and for us to speak on behalf of our children to ensure we all get the right outcome for their education.

It is a chance to bring forward issues arising.  Points have been brought forward during one half term meeting and have either been actioned or an answer prepared by the next meeting.

These sessions are informative and constructive and we will continue to support this opportunity to have a say in our child's future.  However, we feel a broader representation of parents would further improve the impact and positive outcome for the school. 

As a parent body our views have been acknowledged and appreciated by senior staff and we feel they have gone some way to supporting on-going improvements within the school.

In order to be part of the exciting improvements, or to contact parent voice to raise an issue or add a subject for the next meeting’s agenda, please address your enquiries to