The Wonderful Welly Bake Off

Alice in Wonderland CakeOn Tuesday 1st March, the Welly Bake-Off was held with a book theme for World Book Day 2016. Teachers and students baked cakes including; The Lorax, The Hunger Games, The Little Prince, Harry Potter and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

There was a range of different colours including golden yellow, luscious green, radiant red and sparkling gold.

Miss Odell, who organised the bake off, was very pleased with how the day turned out. She organised it because firstly, she 'loves cake' but mainly to raise money for the library and raise awareness of reading and good literacy.

After trying Mrs Vaughan’s cake (the treasure chest) she said it was “fantastic, really, really delicious.”

Pernelle Vasseur, Year 7 said she baked a cake because she and her Mum love baking. “I chose the book The Little Prince because it was the first thing that came to my mind and it is a French book” she said.

Miss Odell said, “All the cakes were amazing and the staff got very competitive.”

It was so nice to have so many students get involved. It was just wonderful.”

Winners will be announced soon.

Written by Pernelle Vasseur and Ellie Phillips, Year 7

Hunger Games Cake   Treasure Chest Cake   The Little Prince Cake

Created 09/03/16