Wellington Academy Heroes

On Thursday 7th July, the Year 9 and 10 Heroes worked with Year 7 and 8 alongside Lauren from Humanutopia. The focus for Year 7 was to extend the session that they had back in January about ‘Who Can They Be?’ During this session students looked at dreams and stereotypes and 'which one did they believe they were?'

During periods 3 and 4 the Heroes had their own session where they looked at stereotypes and how they wished their ‘life line’ to be. This session focused on developing their personal and social skills.

In periods 5 and 6 the Heroes worked with Year 8 on behaviour and stereotypes. Further to this, they looked at videos on how they can develop their personal and social skills.

The heroes, as always, worked exceptionally well with the younger students! Well done Heroes.


On Friday 8th July, Wellington Heroes, Abigail Emm, Sajaela Spencer, Aimee Bailes and Kayley Craven along with Mrs Wales and Chris Smith went to the first ever Heroes conference in the Thomas Deacon Academy in Peterborough.

The conference was absolutely phenomenal! The students were able to bond with other heroes from across the country, from seventeen different academies.

We took part in activities such as Bobsleigh and passing the water balloon between the team! We also got to xpress ideas of our heroes’ programme and the work we have done.

All the heroes on the day said that they were nervous but excited because they didn’t know what to expect – one hero said “I expected it to be a lot of talking, but it was really not!

Abigail Emm said “I liked that we got to share our ideas about our heroes’ programme at school and we got to listen to the way other people run their programme and talked about the harmony camps.

Kayley Craven said “The highlight of my day was seeing Chris present his speech and the interactive activity – pass the balloon.”

Aimee Bailes, one of the Year 9 Heroes told us “I really appreciate all the time Humanutopia have given us to learn life skills that teachers at school don’t teach you.”

I am also thankful for understanding 'who am I?' and changing my behaviour path and my social status.



The video of the day can be found on Twitter @Humanutopia

The Wellington Academy Heroes work with the younger students can be found on Facebook: www.facebook.com/wellyheroes
Twitter: @WellyMentoring and Instagram: WellyHeroes.

Please feel free to email us any questions you have, or if you’d like to find more out about our work: wellingtonacadheroes@gmail.com

Written by Chris Smith
Lead Hero Facilitator

Created 19/07/16