Law Students Visit Crime Museum

On Wednesday 2nd March, eleven 6th Form Law students travelled to London to visit and explore the Crime Undiscovered exhibition at the Museum of London. Following a very rainy start and some initial anxiety about navigating the inner city tube system, students spent the morning reading, observing and analysing artefacts of famous crimes. This included real evidence presented in the trials of the Kray Twins; the 7/7 bombings and Jack the Ripper. Students were also shown video recordings of victims of crime talking about their feelings and reactions in order to better understand how crime affects others. Upon reflection, Savanna Grief said, “I can't believe we actually got to see the ropes they used in hangings in the 19th century, it was very surreal” while fellow student Dan McKeown explained, “I was really intrigued at all of the murder case evidence – it was very interesting to see what types of things they used and how they put it back together to paint a picture of the crime”.

6th Form Law Students

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Created 07/03/16