Time Capsule Burial

The 22nd of June saw the burial of the Wellington Academy Boarding House's time capsule. This was done along with 43 other boarding schools up and down the UK, as part of The Boarding Schools' Association's celebration of it's 50th year. As the minutes ticked on to the burial taking place the boarding house had a great buzz about it, as students were writing letters to boarders in the future and some even wrote letters to their older self. Questions were posed about politics and economics in the future, questions which we will be able to answer when we return for to dig up the Time Capsule on 22nd June 2041, to celebrate 75 years of the Boarding Schools' Association. It was a truly memorable moment when we buried the time capsule in the knowledge that the next time we will see the contents will be in 25 years, when the students will be in their 40s, and I will be 65!

Tania Davidson
Director of Boarding

Time Capsule Burial     Time Capsule Burial

Created 04/07/16