Summer Festival Day 3

Day 3 ended with the racing of the soap boxes. These have been built by members of each house with the help of a group of soldiers from the Tidworth and Bulford Garrison who have been volunteering for the week. The soap boxes were lined up at the top of the mound and the course was mapped out for the drivers. Each soap box was then pushed down the mound and then when needed round the course. The first one made it down and onto the main track. The next two soap boxes unfortunately suffered technical problems and were out of the race. Each team after that managed to get their soap box through the course. After a couple of laps not all of them stayed in one piece which led to students pulling and carrying them back. It was an awesome spectacle and onlookers cheered as each soap box made it round. In the end 1st place went to Talbot, 2nd place Lynedoch and 3rd place Murray.

As part of The Sporting Future activity in PE 80 Wellington Academy students planned and hosted a fantastic sports day for primary students from Castle, Wellington Primary and Collingbourne. A terrific day was had by all with the primary children loving the activities and the Academy students doing a superb job hosting them. Well done to all involved.

You can catch up on all the behind the scenes action from the festival by checking out our student paper ‘Exposed’.


Sporting Furture at the Wellington Academy


Soap Box Racing!

Created 19/07/17