Students Report on Upcoming Events

Sports Relief

On Friday 18th March 2016, the Wellington Academy will participate in sports relief, one of the most renowned events happening in the UK. Sports relief is a charity organisation that helps a variety of people around the world. Furthermore, 50% of the money raised will go to causes here in the UK and the other 50% will go to causes around the world’s poorest countries, such as Africa. Sports relief is a two day event that happens each year, so feel free to join in any other fundraising ideas.

What’s going to happen?
The PE department has chosen to incorporate all students and staff to run as long as possible on a one mile track, which will be located on the top field of the school. Staff are encouraged to run 1 mile every half an hour to raise as much money as possible. Astonishingly, some staff will be attempting to run 5am to 5pm.

Throughout the day each year group will be brought at a certain time to take their part in the run. For example, the Year 7s will run period 1, the Year 8s will run period 2 and so on, until period 7, where we hope to incorporate 6th Form students. Each year group will run the length of one period (50 minutes).

ALL students must be in their school sports kit, or any other sports wear that will be appropriate (i.e. no jeans). Additionally, it is imperative for students to wear sports relief wrist bands; that will be located in reception. The cost of one wrist band will be £1.00. However if there are no wrist bands left, students must bring in £1.00 to be able to be in non-school uniform.

What’s our aim?
The Wellington Academy is aiming not only to raise a significant amount of money for sports relief, but try and benefit the students’ wellbeing and health. We hope to encourage students to join more sports activities in their own time and help students to recognize the importance of keeping fit and staying healthy. Additionally, we want all students to enjoy the event and have an amazing time.

Mr Mills stated: ‘Some people might run it, and think it wasn’t actually that bad.’

Previous Sport Relief Events
The Wellington Academy participated in previous sport relief events such as a rowing competition and doing different types of sports. Previous events were a big success and brought everyone together.

Mr Mills stated: ‘it brought students together’.

If you have any questions, please talk to Mr Woodley - the event coordinator.

Written by Hanah Turton. Year 10


Year 7 Kilve Court Visit

On Monday 21st to Wednesday 23rd March, fifty-three Year 7 students are going to Kilve Court for their residential trip. Kilve Court is an activity centre including activities like; archery, abseiling, high ropes and climbing. It takes approximately two and a half hours to get there.

Mrs Hearn-Smith organised the trip. She said, “It’s a really important time when you come to Year 7 to gain independence, to gain confidence and start developing working relationships with the people in your year group.”

“Also it’s great to have a bit of fun, because we don’t do enough of that sometimes!”

Mrs Hearn-Smith went to Kilve Court a few years ago as a Year 7 tutor and she said it was really fantastic.

I’m so glad they’re going back to Kilve Court and not a different place. The things that you do there are just so much fun you will be out of your comfort zone, but you’ll really enjoy it and be so proud of what you’ve achieved and you will just be talking about it for the next five years.”

She expects that some students will initially find it a challenge. “Some people will find it quite difficult being away from home. Some people might find it a bit of a challenge but they will be amazed at how they deal with it.”

The teachers that are going are Miss Norrish, who will be leading the group, Mr Baker (Geography teacher), Miss Grainger (Geography teacher),  Miss Baker (Maths Teacher) and Mr Reece.

Year 7 will learn to do things they have never done before like mounting boarding. They will most importantly learn independence and how to get along with people you don’t actually know very well. Moreover, they will learn how to get over problems and co-operate and communicate effectively, how to push yourself the right amount to deal with challenges but still being happy.

These are skills that students do not always consciously think of but that are very useful in lessons.

There are plans for those students not going on the trip.

“The people from Year 7 who aren’t going on the trip are going to be doing a project about rewards trips,” Mrs Hearn-Smith said.

“During a student voice session, one student said they didn’t like the rewards trips we were offering. Therefore, they are going to plan different trips … where they would like to go, what they would like to do, what distance they would like to travel; all those kind of things. They are going to plan it and make a proposal and we are going to vote on what we want to do next year."

"I am sure all of the Year 7s will have a good time!"

By Pernelle Vasseur and Ellie Phillips, Year 7

Created 18/03/16