The Wellington Academy Celebrates Success - an Ofsted GOOD School

Press Release - 22nd April 2016


The Wellington Academy celebrates success
It has been an impressive year at the Wellington Academy. Following on from our best ever results in summer 2015, the Academy was officially judged as a "Good" school by Ofsted in March 2016. The Academy is based between Ludgershall and Tidworth and boasts a modern campus with state-of-the-art facilities. Significant changes in leadership and governance in 2013 have made a positive impact on the quality of education provided. Ofsted praised the quality of teaching, the leadership and the behaviour of the students and marked a significant milestone in the Academy's history. Staff and governors are clear that the journey is not complete and the aim is to achieve the coveted "outstanding' rating next inspection.

Making the most of our sponsor links
When Wellington College, a leading independent school in Berkshire, set out to sponsor an academy in 2008, few would have predicted how much change has taken place in that time. Not only has the Academy been joined by a new Wellington Primary School in Tidworth, but the Wellington family has grown abroad as well. Three schools are now open in China, and these may seem a million miles away from Tidworth/Ludgershall. However, the Wellington Academy has been able to offer life changing internships for some of its recent leavers. Four ex-students worked in Tianjin and Beijing during their gap year before university and seven places are planned next year. Wellington College has also been able to provide impressive work experience opportunities via former pupils and parents. Overall, links with Wellington College make the Academy uniquely placed in the area to raise the aspiration of its students.

Home from home: state boarding
One of the distinctive features of the Wellington Academy is its boarding house (one of very few state boarding schools nationally). Built to take up to 100 students, the house provides a vibrant mix of British and international students. Some boarders are from military families looking to keep consistency in their child's education when they are posted overseas or elsewhere in the UK. Boarding means that the Academy is never closed during term time and the students there are able to take advantage of a wide range of exciting activities in the evenings and at weekends. Ofsted rated boarding as "Good" in September 2015 with "Outstanding" quality of care for the students.

Inclusive but aspirational: 6th Form
Our vision is for limitless aspiration for all our students. In our 6th Form, this is where dreams can be made reality through hard work and careful selection of courses. Students are able to choose from a wide range of subjects and qualifications and the Academy has achieved particularly impressive A Level results for students completing the second year of their 6th Form. In fact, some of the traditional "harder" subjects such as Sciences and Further Mathematics boast results that are equivalent to being in the top 25% of schools nationally. Vocational subjects are well represented, with impressive professional cookery, sport and construction facilities in particular.

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