European Day of Languages 2015 with Local Primary Schools

In September 2015, the Wellington Academy, Castledown radio and our local primary schools joined together to celebrate the European Day of Languages, singing to our audience French nursery rhymes and songs.

Listen to the interview and songs below.

Interview with Baz Reilly and Head of MFL

Castle Primary – Frère Jacques

Clarendon Junior - Bananes

Collingbourne – Londres Flambra

Wellington Primary Academy – As tu an animal?

Zouch Academy – Couleurs (Arc en ciel)

We speak French! – Why we like to learn a second language?

In the spring 2016, the Wellington Academy and Castledown radio went into our local primary schools to find out what students were learning in their French lessons.

Click on the links below to listen the interviews with Baz Reilly:

Castle Primary – Interviews

Clarendon Junior School – Interviews

Wellington Primary Academy – Interviews

Zouch Academy – Interviews

Wellington Primary Academy

Created 07/07/16