On Thursday 21st January, Lauren and Tamara from Humanutopia visited the Academy to work with our students. The first half of the morning was with Year 7 students helping them to develop themselves as a person. The students worked really well in an unfamiliar environment, many collaborated with other students that they wouldn’t usually talk to. They worked really hard and successfully managed to develop in a short space of time.

Later in the morning Year 8 students attended a session about communication which allowed them to really learn about what communication is and how 90% of communication is hidden, just like an iceberg! The students worked really well to develop their communication and this was evidenced when they worked with other students they didn’t usually work with pushing most of them beyond their comfort zone.

The final session in the afternoon was for the Wellington Academy Heroes. The Heroes are a group of students who work as a team to develop themselves and also to support the work of Humanutopia on a day to day basis. During their session they were able to develop themselves as well as identifying information about other teams they may not have known. Many topics were discussed that may not normally be talked about in school like ‘drinking and smoking’. The session was designed to push students to be more personal and co-operative with each other, sometimes pushing them into the ‘panic zone’ with some of the topics. Some students took the opportunity to step out of the crowd and speak to the team in a different way.

The day was a huge success! All our students worked well together to achieve their best. We would like to thank Humanutopia for their ongoing work with the Academy and look forward to future work with them.


Created 29/02/16