Boarders visit Gravity Force

On Saturday 8th October Mr Rennie and Miss Smith accompanied 28 boarders to Gravity Force. Described by the boarders as ‘trampoline heaven’. It is the UK’s ultimate trampoline park and our core session gave us access to all the park’s facilities for an hour of epicness. At 2pm we all took ‘flight’ and bounced until our heart’s content.

The boarders were overwhelmed after our safety talk because at first they just thought we were going to jump on some trampolines. Little did they know, there was a range of different activities!

There was a large Dodgeball arena filled with horizontal and vertical trampolines to add a dynamic three dimensional spin on the classic game. Sunday’s house competition was Dodgeball so boarders were able to get in some practise beforehand. They will find out Wednesday which house takes home the Dodgeball trophy at boarder’s assembly. The indoor centre also had 50 interconnected trampolines of all shapes and sizes, blocks, boxes and angled trampolines that let you literally bounce off the walls. Almudena was like a ‘spider monkey’ and in one of our videos on Twitter you see her using a range of these techniques whilst attempting to hit another player out at Dodgeball. William took no prisoners and at the end the girls ganged up on him and he got attacked with dodge balls from all angles.

Slam dunk basketball lanes with trampoline launch pads was one of Brian’s favourite activities and even Mr Rennie had a go at gaining some serious air before attempting to line up the perfect dunk. However, we think he was too tall and he needed a hoop with some serious height. It was really tricky trying to jump and time your dunk perfectly.

The huge foam pit had to have been the most popular activity which contained over 5,000 purple and yellow foam cubes. “It was so much fun jumping into the foam pit because you could try back flips and front flips with the safety of knowing that the cubes would soften the blow and save you if you didn’t land properly. The hardest part was climbing out of the foam as it stuck to your clothing and even Miss Smith had a go and successfully did a front forward flip which we caught on video. It was funny to watch!” Lastly there were two giant tumble tracks and we were so impressed with Dylan and Reece’s skills. They were tumbling down the run way doing continuous front/back flips. Who knew they had such skills? Charlotte and Jamiee were also teaching Adriel how to successfully flip and land into a seat drop. It was great to see everyone working together and inspiring others to try new things safely.

All in all……the whole trip was a ‘sweaty’ success and boarders walked away wanting to return again THIS year. They even asked if next time we could have two hours because one just wasn’t long enough. For full access to photos and videos please take a look @TWABoarding on Twitter.

Gravity Force Gravity Force

Created 12/10/16