Design and Technology Trip

On the 3rd and 4th December we went on a design and technology trip to London. The first thing we did was visit The Design Museum, we had a great time looking at all the interesting art pieces that were on display. A few of my favourite pieces consisted of a whole room full of different coloured wool and a shelter made from human hair. After spending the morning in the museum we went on to the London eye where we were split into two carriages. Everyone loved seeing the incredible views that you wouldn’t normally get to see and we picked the right time as the sun was shining over the city and the icy cold air was clear which gave us the privilege of seeing these views.

Next we visited Hamley’s toy store which was manic. I didn’t enjoy this part of the trip as it was too busy and very hot with barely enough room to walk around without getting pushed or shoved. The boys enjoyed it though as they got to try out all the different toys. We then headed to Plant Hollywood for dinner, a Hollywood themed restaurant with handprints, childhood photos and signatures from famous people. The food was lovely and the whole atmosphere was great. To end the day we went to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane. The production was amazing and my favourite part of the whole trip. We then headed back to our hotel in Hyde Park.

The hotel was lovely, clean with really comfy beds. We had a delicious breakfast the next morning before heading to Westfield shopping centre where we got to use the a pop up ice rink for an hour. It was great fun to skate with everyone and it also improved our teamwork skills. Many people fell over but this added to the fun. We were then given £10 each to buy some lunch with many of going to Nandos. We then had some free time to go shopping which was amazing to be able to shop in places we haven’t been able to before.

Overall I think the trip was great and would definitely go again. Everything we did was a great experience. I would recommend anyone to think about going next year.

Written by Hannah Knowles, Year 10

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Created 19/12/16