Chemistry Lecture at the University of Southampton

On 16th December, thirteen Year 8 students went to the University of Southampton with Mr Woods and Miss Van Niekerk.  They were told of the research the University was currently involved in with regards to new materials development in the chemistry department; including the universities research into materials for more efficient solar cells. They were also given a talk by a current biology PhD student who was studying the "Tasmanian Devil" to understand how specific cancers are transmitted in this species and what implications this could have for human cancer research. The lecture was concluded with a "whizz-bang" chemistry demonstration by Dr Ian Dunne, who demonstrated lots of experiments we don't have the equipment for in a school lab. It was so explosive that we had to be evacuated at the end due to the fire alarms being set off!

The Year 8 students were a credit to the Academy. They listened carefully and contributed to the discussions led by the presenters.


Created 04/01/16