Boarders visit Longleat Safari Park

Boarding Students


On Sunday 6th March as the sleet was falling, we made our way through the countryside for a long awaited trip to Longleat Safari park. After arriving and getting our tickets, we headed off into the safari adventure. We drove through the different areas and it was strange to see that the animals were free to wander around freely, and it was us that was caged in!  We saw an amazing pride of lions resting in the sunshine (with intermittent sleet!). 

We then queued for the monkey enclosure, we took off our windscreen wipers and radio aerial as we knew that the monkeys would make short work of any removable items!  As soon as we pulled into the area, they jumped up on the minibus and used the windscreen as a slide, we were so glad that we had taken the removable bits off, although they did manage to get some plastic trim off the roof.
Following this we managed to get stuck in some mud and everyone had to work together to push us out - we thought that this was a great way to develop our resilience, we pulled (or pushed) together as a team and the minibus was finally freed from the mud!
We then headed towards the adventure park, some younger students managed to get lost in the maze for a while, but eventually found their way out to Costa coffee! We narrowly avoided someone getting out of the minibus in the lion enclosure to re-attach the radio antennae, forgetting momentarily where we were!
We eventually got back utterly exhausted, but all want to go again as we didn’t manage to see all of it, but had an amazing day!


Created 07/03/16