On Friday 1st July we launched our Alumni. Students who were at our 6th Form, came back to talk to Year 12, 10 and 9 students about life after the Wellington Academy. We were so proud of what our students had accomplished with their lives and how they were an absolute credit to the school. The feedback from our current students was amazing.

Student comments:

"It really made me think that I should be aiming high. They were a huge aspiration to me."

"I have only just chosen my GCSE options so thought it would be a waste of time, but it was brilliant and really useful."

"It made me realise that I have to make the most of every opportunity the school can offer me so I can achieve my goals."

"They answered all my questions about university life, courses, money and lots more. I was undecided about University but now I know that is what I want to do."

A huge thank you to our Alumni and I know that they will continue to support the Academy and have offered to support our students in the future.

Created 15/07/16