Boarding Trip to AirKix, Basingstoke

Every weekend boarding students have the opportunity to go on various trips. On Sunday 8th May we visited AirKix in Basingstoke an indoor skydive.

When we arrived at the centre we got a glance of what we were about to participate in. After a short wait the girls were taken into a classroom along with Miss V to be taught how to successfully complete the indoor skydive.

Shortly after we were kitted up in our skydiving gear and ready to go. We were all given two goes, on our second attempt, if you wanted to and the instructor felt comfortable with it, you could get spun up to the top of the enclosed dome twice.

The trip received many mixed opinions. One student, Sol said, "The experience was great, but I wouldn't do it again." Whereas, Veronica replied, "I loved it! I wish to do it again!"

Overall, the experience was amazing, just not to everybody's taste.

Written by Shauna Throssell, Boarding Student



Created 11/05/16