Academy going Cashless in Spring 2016

In Spring 2016, the Academy will be introducing a cashless environment. Following the Easter holiday, we will be phasing out all cash up until the summer holidays with the aim of being completely cashless in September 2016. This will ensure a safer, more efficient environment for our students and staff.

Please note we will no longer accept cheques from 22nd February 2016.

All parents are allocated a ParentPay account and, if they require, a PayPoint card. These accounts and cards are used to pay for school lunches, trips, music lessons and much more. Click here for full details about using ParentPay and the PayPoint system.

Should you not already be using ParentPay, please contact the finance department to request login details –

Click here to view the tutorial on 'How to use ParentPay'

Cick here to visit the ParentPay website

Finance poster

Created 21/01/16