TWA Letter

Dear Parents/Carers

It has come to my attention that some concerns have been raised, via a public social media forum, by a small group of parents about bullying and perceptions of how bullying it is being addressed by the Academy.

Over the last couple of years, we have increased and improved our pastoral care and students’ perceptions of how we deal with bullying has significantly improved. This has also been confirmed by external visitors and inspectors. It is therefore disappointing to know that a minority of our parents still feel we are not adequately dealing with the issue. I am sure we all will agree however that until 100% of our students feel safe and happy at school that we still have some way to go.

Bullying however is not just a school issue, it is a very complex problem that is an issue nationwide. It is also a community issue and can only be dealt with effectively by all members of our community working together to deal with it when it occurs and ideally eradicate it - a target which is very difficult to achieve but worth every effort to try to.

I would like to therefore invite you as parents to join with us in dealing with the issue of bullying. I will be running an initial anti-bullying session at the Wellington Academy on Tuesday 14th March 17.30 to 19.00. I will invite key members of our schools and local community to the evening and maybe, together, we can all positively join forces to launch a community wide anti-bullying campaign, which will begin to address the root cause of bullying and have a largely positive impact across our Tidworth and Ludgershall community. Please can you confirm your attendance by emailing Thank you.

Please can I remind you however, as parents, to refer to our complai nts policy in the event of any issues surrounding your child’s/children’s education and care at the Academy. It is difficult for us to support you and your family if we are not fully informed of any issues or concerns you may be having.

In the meantime please also refer to the school calendar for the dates of my Head of Academy and Head teacher clinics at the Wellington Academy and Wellington Primary Academy, respectively. You do not need to make an appointment to attend the clinics, however please may I encourage you to inform reception at either school if you plan to attend, so they know to expect you. Thank you.


Ms Abrilli Phillip
Head of Academy and Acting Head of Wellington Primary Academy

Created 09/03/17