The Wellington Academy Science Fair

Wednesday, 15th March, saw the return of the Annual Wellington Academy science fair. Students from the academy, as well as local primary schools, displayed experiments they had conducted or projects they had made. These included ‘Making Slime’, ‘Does the colour of a candle affect its burning time?’ and an investigation into the melting times of different substances.

As well as the projects on display there were fun demonstrations from 6th Form students that included dissections of a fish and a lamb’s heart, dry ice displays and the mind-boggling non-Newtonian substance that displays properties of both solids and liquids.

Students and their families were able to take part in fun experiments and challenge each other in competitions. The most popular of which was Mr. Kearley’s experiment to calculate the value of gravity using a pendulum.

The award for the most creative project went to Polly Porter and Numisa Rai (yr7) for their making slime display, which was enjoyed by all who walked away with their own bag of slime.

Amelia Burt (yr7) was awarded the most scientific project for her investigation into how the colour of a candle affected its burning time.

The award for best Primary School project went to Sienna Larter-Hull and Bethany Sweeney (both from Shipton Bellinger Primary) for their investigation into the melting times of different substances.

A fun night was had by all and we look forward to seeing you again next March for the next Science Fair.

Created 22/03/17