Help for Heros Fundraising

On Friday 28th April the Academy will be holding a HELP for HEROES fundraising event.

There will be lots of activities, these include:

  • Dress as a Hero-Staff and student prizes for the best dressed. Prizes for the best dressed department/faculty.
  • Bake for Heroes-cake sales at break and lunch. Staff and student prizes for the best bake with the theme of Help for Heroes.
  • Raffle-tickets will be sold by Joy Wallis for £1 for 2 strips. Thanks to Harrisons for donating the prize. The prize will be placed in the cafe area for all to see.
  • Guess the amount of Jelly beans-a poster will be placed in the staff room for £1 per guess. £20 prize pot.
  • Enrichment cooking lessons using ration packs.

Created 21/03/17