The Wellington Academy Service Pupil Premium (SPP) - Academy Policy 2016-17

Given our location in the British Army’s largest Garrison and the fact that almost 50% of our students are Service Children (SC), the academic progress, welfare and wellbeing of SC is hugely important to the Academy. To help the Academy deal with the unique challenges that children with parents in the armed forces can often face it receives additional funding from the SPP.

The SPP is currently £300 per child of service personnel, paid directly to the school. It is not an individual allowance for each child but is designed to assist the school to provide mainly non-educational support (known as pastoral care) to these children. To receive the SPP the student must be registered as a Service Child by the Parent through the Academy Admissions office (contact Within the Wellington Academy the funding is used to help provide additional support staff, such as a Service Children Co-ordinator, a chaplain and a counsellor. It helps to fund transport for service children in remote locations such as Netheravon and is used to support the summer school and OutwardBound activity courses.

A contingency fund is also maintained to help support Service Parents who face particular financial difficulties. Applications for financial support from this fund can be made to Mr Newman : or through the relevant student manager.

The Academy will only receive this money if parents register their service status when their child joins the Academy. This registration can take place at any time after joining the Academy and only requires you to provide the Academy with your service details.

Any questions about the Academy’s SPP policy should be sent to Mr Newman, The Service Children’s Co-ordinator :

Ministry of Defence Guidance

The extracts below are taken from the Ministry of Defence guidance document: Service Pupil Premium - What You Need To Know

What is the SPP?

The Department for Education introduced the Service Pupil Premium (SPP) in April 2011 in recognition of the specific challenges children from service families face and as part of the commitment to delivering the armed forces covenant.

It is designed to assist the school in providing the additional support that these children may need.

Pupils attract the SPP if they meet the following criteria:

  • one of their parents is serving in the regular armed forces
  • they have been registered as a ‘service child’ in the school census at any point since 2011, see footnote 1
  • one of their parents died whilst serving in the armed forces and the pupil receives a pension under the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme or the War Pensions Scheme

The purpose of the Service Pupil Premium

Eligible schools receive the SPP so that they can offer mainly pastoral support during challenging times and to help mitigate the negative impact on service children of family mobility or parental deployment.

Mobility is when a service family is posted from one location to another, including overseas and within the UK.

Deployment is when a service person is serving away from home for a period of time. This could be a 6 to 9 month tour of duty, a training course or an exercise which could last for a few weeks.

What should the SPP be used for?

In order to support the pastoral needs of service children, schools have flexibility over how they use the SPP, as they are best placed to understand and respond to the specific needs of those pupils for whom the funding has been allocated. The funding could be spent on providing a variety of means of support including counselling provision, nurture groups, e-bluey clubs etc.

SPP should not be used to subsidise routine school activity (trips, music lessons etc.)

A summary of the Academy SPP 2016-17 budget can be found here.