House Ethos

Despite currently being the smallest house, Talbot have consistently shown enthusiasm, teamwork and pride. A family ethos and opportunity for leadership stand out as key features of the house. Being in Talbot means you never give up, always strive to be better in as many ways as you can, and show respect to yourself and everyone.

House Motto

Treat others as you would have them treat you.

Where Does the Name Talbot Come From

The Talbot is named after the Lt-Col Sir Wellington Chetwynd-Talbot (1817 - 1898), known as Colonel Talbot. He was the Duke of Wellington’s Godson, Private Secretary to the Prime Minister Lord Derby, Serjeant-at-arms at the House of Lords (1858 – 1898), Organiser of funds to build Wellington College and also decided its location working with the Prince Consort. He was devoted to the school, secretary to the Governors, then a Governor himself, and Vice President for 23 years. He was an important figure having a medal named after him. The Talbot Medal is awarded each year from the Governors to only one student. He was loyal…commanding…a legend.



The Talbot House Shield

The Talbot House Shield

House Leader - Mr Goves

Mr Goves, House Leader