House Ethos

All members of the Raglan House at both Wellington College and Wellington Academy should set themselves the highest possible standards.

Key aspects of being in the House:

  • A competitive spirit that strives to achieve but does not make winning the focus
  • Inclusive – developing a sense of team that provides support and
  • encouragement for all including staff and students
  • A can do attitude
  • Celebrating all effort and all skills and attributes
  • A spirit of openness all ideas are welcome

Where Does the Name Raglan Come From

Field Marshal FitzRoy James Henry Somerset, Baron Raglan (1788 - 1855), was a British soldier who distinguished himself particularly in the Spanish parts of the Napoleonic campaign.

During the Napoleonic Wars and afterward, Somerset served as the Duke of Wellington’s military secretary.

At the Battle of Waterloo Raglan’s arm was injured and amputated, but he quickly learned to write with his left hand!  It is said that he demanded his arm back so that he could retrieve the ring his wife had given him!

He was badly wounded at the Battle of Buçaco, and subsequently led the storming of Badajoz, and personally secured and quickly held one of the gates before the French could respond.

After the war, Raglan was criticized by the press, rightly or wrongly, for the conditions which led to so many troops being unfit to serve, falling seriously ill or dying, and being responsible for the incompetent chain of command and poor tactics.

For two short periods in the 1820s he was MP for Truro. He worked closely with the Duke of Wellington from 1819 until the latter's death in 1852, as Master-General of the Ordnance, and then military secretary while the Duke was commander-in-chief. His political career culminated in him becoming a Privy Counsellor in 1852 when he was created Baron Raglan. In 1854 he was made full General and joint commander of the Crimean campaign.

The Talbot House Shield

The Raglan House Shield

House Leader - Mr Wood

Mr Wood, House Leader

Baron Raglan

Baron Raglan