House Ethos

Passion, enthusiasm and spirit define Blucher's achievements as a General, and the ethos of Blucher House at the Academy. This camaraderie was epitomized in Summer 2014 as Blucher won the inaugural House Cup by a substantial margin marking the beginning of another chapter in the life of this exceptional Wellington institution.

Where Does the Name Blücher Come From

Pronounced Blue-ker.

Marshall Gebhard Blücher (1742 - 1819), Commander of the Prussian Army. He was promoted to the rank of General Field Marshal in Germany and was a key officer in fighting back the French forces 1814. Blücher led the Prussians to defeat at Ligny on June 16th 1815 and was crucial to prevent the French out-flanking the Allied force at Waterloo. He was lucky to have able chiefs of staff as, by all accounts; he was not a naturally gifted strategist. What he was, was extremely brave and eccentric, if not mad!

The Blucher House Shield

The Blücher House Shield

Marshall Gebhard Blücher

Marshall Gebhard Blücher